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Our systems are being used in sports, human resource departments, universities, schools, kindergarten, for meditation and self empowerment ( like Deepak Chopra ), general education and training, in therapy support (hypno-therapy, NLP, cognitive-behavioral therapy and many others),  research, hotels & SPA centers, civil and military pilot training, and many more – see the  references like from:

Combining the ancient wisdom with the modern science, technology and art as a way to help our customers to deal with the stress symptoms, learning difficulties, and helping them to find the real values in life – this is the main philosophy on our sites expressed in two complementary approaches,  audio-visual-stimulation and biofeedback, expanded into state of the art Multi-Sensory-Enhancement System”MuSES“:

AVS or Mind Machines


Multi Sensory Educational/Enhancement System

  • the Power of AVS, Micro-Vibes and Biofeedback together
  • explore further in MuSES

In our shop you will find products categories related to AVS and Biofeedback.

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